THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT and affects everyone in Tarporley and other towns and villages in Cheshire West.

CWAC Council propose to end the New Homes Bonus payment to Town and Parish Councils, including Tarporley, from 2016. CWAC propose to retain this funding to spend in line with their own priorities. The final decision will be made when the 2016-17 Budget is agreed by the Council in February 2016.

The New Homes Bonus goes to the places that have had to accommodate the large number of new houses and it is used by those communities to improve or build new facilities that improve the quality of life of local residents.

This affects all Towns and Parishes in the CWAC area. In Tarporley’s case, given the large number of houses built recently and to be built in the near future, the New Homes Bonus amounts to hundreds of thousands of pounds over the next few years, just when we need it most.

To lose this funding would severely reduce Tarporley’s ability to implement and maintain infrastructure improvements to accommodate the impact of the increased population. This includes, parking improvements, children’s play facilities, sports and recreation facility development, etc.

There is a petition on the CWAC website aimed at preventing CWAC from stopping the New Homes Bonus payment.

Your signature on this petition counts. Please sign it now and share this post with your friends.

Click here to go to the online petition.

Click here to download the paper based petition form  – or you can sign a copy at The Old Fire Station Chocolate Shop.

The deadline to sign the petition has been extended until 31st March 2016.