Tarporley Parish Council are re-instating a Community Gritting Scheme to grit the pavements and footpaths where you live and are inviting volunteers who would like to do this.

CWAC Council do not grit pavements and footpaths in Tarporley. The High Street is partly gritted by the Parish Council but residential areas and routes into the village are not done unless volunteers do them.

Volunteers need to be registered with the Parish Council to be covered by the Parish Council insurance. Training, equipment, materials and insurance will be provided.

Please note that the previous scheme, sponsored by CWAC Council, was discontinued. So, if you were a volunteer under the previous scheme and wish to continue to be a community gritter then you must register with the Parish Council to be insured.

Full details of the scheme and a registration form are contained in the Community Gritting Training Pack

You will need to complete the registration form at the end of the training pack and email it to us to sign up and become a volunteer.

If you need more information please contact Abbie, one our clerks, at clerk@tarporley.org.uk or Tel 01829 732516.