Councillors and Clerk
Tarporley has 12 Parish Councillors many of whom undertake special duties for the Parish Council as well as their regular role as Parish Councillor. The Council is supported in its work by the Parish Council Clerk, the sole employee of the Council. Councillor contact details below. Councillors registers of interest can be found by clicking on their names in the list below.





Mrs E Chapman


Mr K Parker (Chairman)


Mrs G Clough


Mr G Pearson


Mrs J Hall


Mr R Statham


Mr J Kennedy


Mr P Tavernor


Mr J Millington


Mr N Taylor


Mr J Mills


Mr A Wallace


Committee & working group membership and special responsibilities
Most councillors have special duties as identified below and it can be helpful to contact the spokesperson or a member of a working group who has an identified interest relating to your concern.

Village Infrastructure Working Group ~ Councillors V Adshead, J Blackford, E Chapman, G Clough (Spokesperson) J Mills, K Parker, R Statham and A Wallace
(Transport & highways, lights, community bus, PCSO, security, commerce, Christmas lights & festival, budget contribution)

Village Street Scene Working Group ~ Councillors, R Brierley (Spokesperson), G Lees and D Press
(Best-kept village, flower displays, handyman, footpaths, street cleaning, playground, community initiatives, budget contribution)

Cemetery Committee ~ Councillors R Brierley, E Chapman, G Lees.and K Parker
(Rules, fees, operation & maintenance, budget contribution)

Finance and Forward Planning Working Group ~ Councillors J Blackford, G Lees, K. Parker (spokesperson) and the Clerk
(Overall budget, admin costs, grants, one off initiatives, monthly accounts check and asset check)

Planning Committee ~ (Meets if required between regular Parish Council meetings to consider planning applications); All Parish Councillors, Chairman - the Chairman of the Parish Council
(Planning matters not delegated to the Clerk and arising between scheduled meetings)

Lead Councillor Roles

Communications Officer ~ Councillor J Mills

Quality Parish Council ~ Councillors G Clough and K Parker

Footpath Warden ~ Councillor D Press

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group ~ Councillors G Clough, D Press and R Statham

Members on outside bodies

Arthur Meredith Memorial Trust ~ Councillors J Blackford and E Chapman

Primary School Governors ~ Councillors V Adshead and G. Lees

Tarporley Youth Club Committee (ex officio) ~ Councillor J Mills