Road improvement works along Nantwich Road and the junction with the A49 will be carried out by Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd in connection with the David Wilson Development on Nantwich Road. These works will start on Monday 9th May and continue until around 19th August 2016. The works will include new traffic lights on the Nantwich Road / A49 Junction, various traffic and pedestrian islands and resurfacing. The result will be safer access from Nantwich Road onto the A49, particularly for school buses.

The work will take place in stages and will involve some traffic restrictions and occasional diversions. Details of the traffic restrictions on Nantwich Road from the Junction on the A49 to Spring Hill are as follows:


Nantwich Road :- From Junction Spring Hill to Development Entrance (House No’s 39 to 59 – Total Length 125 linear metres).

From Monday 9th May until Friday 27th May 2016.
2 Way Temporary Traffic Lights will be set up and traffic will be restricted to single carriageway in both directions to enable the construction of a new central pedestrian refuge island serving the new ‘Bus Lay Bye’ area, also the installation of new Sewer works (48 metres) in Nantwich Road.

Nantwich Road :- From Junction Spring Hill to Junction A49. (Total Length 370 metres).

From Tuesday 31st May until Friday 10th June 2016 (11 days).
Full Road Closure.
2 way access from Junction to site development entrance will be allowed for Site Development delivery vehicles, so that these vehicles are not diverted via Tarporley Village. Access to residents only & emergency vehicles will be granted to House Numbers 39 to 59 Nantwich Road.
No other vehicles will be allowed Access.
Diversionary Route for all other traffic into and out of Tarporley towards the A49. Local Roads will be Signed with Diversion Routes.
Works include the Re Surfacing of Nantwich Road, and installation of 3 new Traffic Islands at the Junction of Nantwich Road & A49.

From Saturday 11th June until Sunday 17th July 2016 (5 weeks).
Partial Road Closure.

2 Way Access for Site delivery Vehicles will be provided & Emergency Vehicles.
One Way Access will be provided in Northerly direction into Tarporley from the A49. Vehicles exiting Tarporley Southerly towards A49 will be re routed via Diversion Signs.
This is to allow Junction Improvement Works at the Junction of Nantwich Road / A49, and the ‘Road Widening’ of the A49 either side of the Junction and the installation of Traffic Lights.

From Monday 18th July to Sunday 24th July (7 days)
Partial Road Closure.

2 Way Access for Site delivery Vehicles & Emergency Vehicles.
No other vehicles will be allowed Access
This is to allow the Re Surfacing of Highway at the Junction of the A49 / Nantwich Road, and nearside channel of the A49.

A49 (Junction of Nantwich Road)

From Monday 25th July until 19th August 2016 ( 4 weeks)
Road Diversionary Routes and Restrictions on Nantwich Road are removed, however the A49 will have temporary Traffic Lights erected that will cause delays on both the A49 and traffic joining the A49 from Nantwich Road.
This is to enable the Re Surfacing of the A49.

Diversionary routes

Diversionary routes are shown on these two sketches:   CCF19042016_00003     CCF19042016_00002

Bus Services

Cheshire Bus Services have been advised of the above restrictions, and their plans for services during the traffic restrictions are awaited and will be advised when known.