Tarporley Parish Council has vacancies for 2 Parish Councillors

The Parish Council is the tier of Local Government closest to the people and delivers a range of services at a community level. It is an essential part of the structure of local democracy and has a vital role in acting on behalf of the community it represents.

Parish councils are involved in many activities ranging from providing and maintaining local facilities such as sports and recreation facilities, playgrounds, shelters, village halls, and green spaces, either on their own or in partnership with other bodies as well as looking after footpaths and cemeteries. Further information at www.tarporley.org.uk/tarporley-parish-council/

They also:
• Represent the views of the local community on planning applications and other proposals that affect the Parish.
• Undertake projects and schemes that benefit local residents.
• Work in partnership with other bodies to improve the quality of life and opportunities for those living in their communities.
• Alert the relevant authorities to problems that arise or work that needs to be undertaken within the Parish.
• Help the other tiers of local government keep in touch with their local communities.

If you would like to become a Tarporley Parish Councillor, could you:
• Meet a minimum of 11 times a year (second Monday of every month)?
• Speak up for the residents of Tarporley?
• Get actively involved in projects to deliver benefits for the community?
• Review and comment on planning applications?

Please note that being a Parish Councillor is a voluntary, unpaid role.

To apply, please submit your name and contact details along with some information about yourself and why you want to be a Councillor to the Deputy Clerk at the below address:

Ann Wright, 62 Well Street, Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 8QH. Telephone: 01948 861 035 Email: clerk@tarporley.org.uk


vacancy notice aug 2018