Executive Summary

  • There were 204 respondents to the survey with a 95% approval for the introduction of time limited parking on Tarporley High Street.
    • Of those who responded ‘Yes’, 65% approved restrictions on both sides of the High Street and 20% just for restrictions from the Crown to the Nat West Bank.
    • Of those who responded ‘Yes’, 70% approved restrictions on Monday to Saturday 08.00 to 18.00 and 28% approved restrictions on just Monday to Friday 08.00 to 18.00.
    • Of those who responded ‘Yes’, 82% approved time limits of 2 hours with no return within 2 hours.


  • The profile of the respondents who gave approval were 69 respondents ( 36% ) were High Street Residents, 21 respondents (11% ) were Workers or Business owners on Tarporley High Street and 103 respondents ( 53%) were shoppers or visitors to Tarporley High Street – a number of which were Tarporley residents.
  • The profile of the respondents who did not give approval were 9 respondents ( 82% ) were High Street Residents, 1 respondent (9% ) was a Workers or Business owner on Tarporley High Street and 1 respondent ( 9%) was a shopper or visitor to Tarporley High Street .
  • The number of respondents who indicated that they do not park on the High Street equated closely to the number who have off street parking. This was the same for the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’s.

The full results, including comments, can be found here…
High Street Parking Consultation – Results Summary – May16