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Community Gritting Scheme

Tarporley Parish Council are re-instating a Community Gritting Scheme to grit the pavements and footpaths where you live and are inviting volunteers who would like to do this.

CWAC Council do not grit pavements and footpaths in Tarporley. The High Street is partly gritted by the Parish Council but residential areas and routes into the village are not done unless volunteers do them.

Volunteers need to be registered with the Parish Council to be covered by the Parish Council insurance. Training, equipment, materials and insurance will be provided.

Please note that the previous scheme, sponsored by CWAC Council, was discontinued. So, if you were a volunteer under the previous scheme and wish to continue to be a community gritter then you must register with the Parish Council to be insured.

Full details of the scheme and a registration form are contained in the Community Gritting Training Pack

You will need to complete the registration form at the end of the training pack and email it to us to sign up and become a volunteer.

If you need more information please contact Abbie, one our clerks, at or Tel 01829 732516.

Tarporley Parish Council Grants

Tarporley Parish Council will be awarding grants to community or voluntary (not-for-profit) organisations and groups at its meeting on 9th January 2017.

All applications must be received by 31st December 2016.

You can download the Grant Application form here.

The Grants Policy and Procedures are available to download here.

For more information, contact the Clerk:
Ann Wright, 62 Well Street, Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 8QH.
Tel: 01948 861 035
Email:  or use the contact form here.

The poster below will be displayed around the village.


High Street Parking Proposals

As a result of the recent consultation on High Street parking, Tarporley Parish Council with Cheshire West and Chester Council have drawn up a draft proposal which will introduce time limited parking on Tarporley High Street.

The proposal includes: –
• The creation of multi-vehicle parking bays on sections of the High Street.
• Parking in these bays will be limited to 1 hour with no return in 1 hour.*
• The restrictions will be in place Monday to Saturday 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs.

(*The proposal currently includes 1 hour time limited parking with no return in 1 hour as this is the CW&C standard period. Depending on the results of the consultation this could be increased to 2 hours and no return in 2 hours.)

The plans can be viewed at the Old Fire Station Chocolate Shop, High Street, Tarporley.or you can view them here…      high-street-tarporley-parking-restrictions-proposal-19-9-16

There will also be a drop in session where you can view the plans and give your opinions
Saturday 5th November 2016
from 9.30am until 1.00pm
The Committee Room, Tarporley Community Centre

You can submit any comments you have regarding this proposal either at the drop in session on 5th November or directly to the Parish Clerk by email or letter contact details here

(The results of the High Street Parking consultation carried out in May 2016 can be found here.)

Tarporley Parish Council – High Street Parking Consultation – May 2016

Executive Summary

  • There were 204 respondents to the survey with a 95% approval for the introduction of time limited parking on Tarporley High Street.
    • Of those who responded ‘Yes’, 65% approved restrictions on both sides of the High Street and 20% just for restrictions from the Crown to the Nat West Bank.
    • Of those who responded ‘Yes’, 70% approved restrictions on Monday to Saturday 08.00 to 18.00 and 28% approved restrictions on just Monday to Friday 08.00 to 18.00.
    • Of those who responded ‘Yes’, 82% approved time limits of 2 hours with no return within 2 hours.


  • The profile of the respondents who gave approval were 69 respondents ( 36% ) were High Street Residents, 21 respondents (11% ) were Workers or Business owners on Tarporley High Street and 103 respondents ( 53%) were shoppers or visitors to Tarporley High Street – a number of which were Tarporley residents.
  • The profile of the respondents who did not give approval were 9 respondents ( 82% ) were High Street Residents, 1 respondent (9% ) was a Workers or Business owner on Tarporley High Street and 1 respondent ( 9%) was a shopper or visitor to Tarporley High Street .
  • The number of respondents who indicated that they do not park on the High Street equated closely to the number who have off street parking. This was the same for the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’s.

The full results, including comments, can be found here…
High Street Parking Consultation – Results Summary – May16

Best Kept Village Competition 2016

Tarporley is once again entered in the Best Kept Village (large village) category of the Community Pride competition organised by Cheshire Community Action.

Last year Kelsall won, Disley and Mobberley came joint second with Davenham, Helsby and Tarporley joint 4th. Tarporley scored 675 points out of a possible 810 or 83%. In all of the 27 applicable judging criteria, Tarporley scored “Very Good” or “Excellent” and in 11 criteria we scored just one or two points short of “Excellent”.

The standard is very high and the competition is fierce but if everyone does their bit then we can regain this prestigious award in 2016. Judging is based on random inspections between May and September with the final score being based on the later inspections.

The Parish Council will take care of some areas such as public toilets, seats & benches, children’s playground, public space planted areas, war memorial, notice board and will chase CWaC Council to look after items under their responsibility.

What can you do?

Home owners and residents: Keep the area around your home well-tended and presentable, neat and tidy, free from weeds and litter and report to the Parish Council Clerk or CWaC anything that needs to be fixed or that needs attention. If you have a dog, then do not let it foul any public areas. Don’t drop litter and chewing gum.

Shops, Businesses, Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, etc: Keep the area around business neat and tidy, free from weeds and litter. Ensure that any notices in windows are up to date. Keep car parks, external areas and furniture tidy and well maintained. Attractive floral displays help. Report to the Parish Council Clerk or CWaC anything that needs to be fixed or needing attention.

Last year’s scoring and Judge’s comments can be read here: Tarporley Best Kept Village Results 2015

Cheshire Community Pride Competition Hints for Entrants can be read here: Hints for Entrants

Nantwich Road & A49 Junction Improvement Works – May to August 2016

Road improvement works along Nantwich Road and the junction with the A49 will be carried out by Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd in connection with the David Wilson Development on Nantwich Road. These works will start on Monday 9th May and continue until around 19th August 2016. The works will include new traffic lights on the Nantwich Road / A49 Junction, various traffic and pedestrian islands and resurfacing. The result will be safer access from Nantwich Road onto the A49, particularly for school buses.

The work will take place in stages and will involve some traffic restrictions and occasional diversions. Details of the traffic restrictions on Nantwich Road from the Junction on the A49 to Spring Hill are as follows:


Nantwich Road :- From Junction Spring Hill to Development Entrance (House No’s 39 to 59 – Total Length 125 linear metres).

From Monday 9th May until Friday 27th May 2016.
2 Way Temporary Traffic Lights will be set up and traffic will be restricted to single carriageway in both directions to enable the construction of a new central pedestrian refuge island serving the new ‘Bus Lay Bye’ area, also the installation of new Sewer works (48 metres) in Nantwich Road.

Nantwich Road :- From Junction Spring Hill to Junction A49. (Total Length 370 metres).

From Tuesday 31st May until Friday 10th June 2016 (11 days).
Full Road Closure.
2 way access from Junction to site development entrance will be allowed for Site Development delivery vehicles, so that these vehicles are not diverted via Tarporley Village. Access to residents only & emergency vehicles will be granted to House Numbers 39 to 59 Nantwich Road.
No other vehicles will be allowed Access.
Diversionary Route for all other traffic into and out of Tarporley towards the A49. Local Roads will be Signed with Diversion Routes.
Works include the Re Surfacing of Nantwich Road, and installation of 3 new Traffic Islands at the Junction of Nantwich Road & A49.

From Saturday 11th June until Sunday 17th July 2016 (5 weeks).
Partial Road Closure.

2 Way Access for Site delivery Vehicles will be provided & Emergency Vehicles.
One Way Access will be provided in Northerly direction into Tarporley from the A49. Vehicles exiting Tarporley Southerly towards A49 will be re routed via Diversion Signs.
This is to allow Junction Improvement Works at the Junction of Nantwich Road / A49, and the ‘Road Widening’ of the A49 either side of the Junction and the installation of Traffic Lights.

From Monday 18th July to Sunday 24th July (7 days)
Partial Road Closure.

2 Way Access for Site delivery Vehicles & Emergency Vehicles.
No other vehicles will be allowed Access
This is to allow the Re Surfacing of Highway at the Junction of the A49 / Nantwich Road, and nearside channel of the A49.

A49 (Junction of Nantwich Road)

From Monday 25th July until 19th August 2016 ( 4 weeks)
Road Diversionary Routes and Restrictions on Nantwich Road are removed, however the A49 will have temporary Traffic Lights erected that will cause delays on both the A49 and traffic joining the A49 from Nantwich Road.
This is to enable the Re Surfacing of the A49.

Diversionary routes

Diversionary routes are shown on these two sketches:   CCF19042016_00003     CCF19042016_00002

Bus Services

Cheshire Bus Services have been advised of the above restrictions, and their plans for services during the traffic restrictions are awaited and will be advised when known.

Vacancy for Parish Clerk

Tarporley Parish Council is a very busy and active Council with a number of major projects underway and is looking to appoint a new Clerk:-

The Council has recently completed its Neighbourhood Plan and the Parish attracts a lot of interest from developers which means that the Council handles a large amount of planning applications.

Current major projects include:
• The development of new outdoor sports & recreation facilities.
• A consultation on the introduction of parking restrictions on the High Street.
• Negotiations with CW&C over taking over some street scene functions.

The position of the Clerk is primarily home based, working 20 hours per week providing legal (statutory requirement for parish councils), administrative, financial and managerial support to the Parish Council.

The Parish Council meets on the second Monday of every month with the exception of August and holds various other working group meetings each month (approximately 4 to 6 per month). The Clerk is required to attend council meetings, take minutes and also be the Responsible Financial Office for the Parish Council and deal with daily communications from members of the public.

The candidate should preferably reside in the Tarporley area, be well organised, highly motivated, be a good communicator, have relevant secretarial, office and computer skills, internet access, own transport and be familiar with the production of basic accounts.

The successful candidate must be prepared to take the “Certificate in Local Council Administration” (CiLCA) and pass to enable the Parish Council apply for the Local Council Award Scheme.

The remuneration for this position will be within the National Agreement on Salaries and Conditions of Service of Local Council Clerks in England and Wales criteria. Upon successful completion of the CiLCA you will automatically have a salary increase.

Applicants should send an e-mail with CV and two references, one of which should be your most recent employer (no references will be taken up prior to your permission being given).

The closing date is 19 May 2016.

Please e-mail your application and CV to

Download a pdf of this vacancy here…   Vacancy for Parish Clerk

Tarporley High Street Parking Consultation

Tarporley Parish Council are seeking views on introducing parking restrictions on Tarporley High Street.

Concerns have been raised with the Parish Council about the lack of short-term parking on the High Street and the detrimental impact this is having on businesses. One of the main issues is that a significant number of cars are parked on the High Street for long periods of time, up to all day. This is preventing people parking on the High Street for short periods of time to use the shops.

The Parish Council want to know your views on the introduction of time limited parking on the High Street.

Please download and complete the High Street Parking Consultation Questionnaire and return the completed questionnaire to The Old Fire Station Chocolate Shop on the High Street by Friday 20th May 2016.

Everyone who lives in, works in or visits Tarporley is welcome to complete the questionnaire. The more the better. Copies of this questionnaire have already been distributed to commercial and private properties along the High Street and the adjoining roads. If you have already submitted a completed questionnaire then you do not need to do another one.


Help stop CWAC Council ending the New Homes Bonus payment to Tarporley

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT and affects everyone in Tarporley and other towns and villages in Cheshire West.

CWAC Council propose to end the New Homes Bonus payment to Town and Parish Councils, including Tarporley, from 2016. CWAC propose to retain this funding to spend in line with their own priorities. The final decision will be made when the 2016-17 Budget is agreed by the Council in February 2016.

The New Homes Bonus goes to the places that have had to accommodate the large number of new houses and it is used by those communities to improve or build new facilities that improve the quality of life of local residents.

This affects all Towns and Parishes in the CWAC area. In Tarporley’s case, given the large number of houses built recently and to be built in the near future, the New Homes Bonus amounts to hundreds of thousands of pounds over the next few years, just when we need it most.

To lose this funding would severely reduce Tarporley’s ability to implement and maintain infrastructure improvements to accommodate the impact of the increased population. This includes, parking improvements, children’s play facilities, sports and recreation facility development, etc.

There is a petition on the CWAC website aimed at preventing CWAC from stopping the New Homes Bonus payment.

Your signature on this petition counts. Please sign it now and share this post with your friends.

Click here to go to the online petition.

Click here to download the paper based petition form  – or you can sign a copy at The Old Fire Station Chocolate Shop.

The deadline to sign the petition has been extended until 31st March 2016.

Father Christmas to Visit Tarporley

Even though he is very busy getting ready for Christmas, we have heard that Father Christmas will be riding on his sleigh through the streets of Tarporley and some nearby villages for a quick visit during December. Listen out for some Christmas music coming down your street on the following dates. Father Christmas would love to say hello to all the girls and boys.


  • Tarvin 1 9th December 6pm
  • Tattenhall 10th December 6pm
  • Duddon 11th December 6pm
  • Tarvin 2 11th December 7pm
  • Kelsall 12th December 4:30pm
  • Bunbury 16th December 6pm
  • Utkinton 17th December 6pm
  • Eaton 17th December 7pm
  • Little Budworth 17th December 8pm
  • Tarporley 1 – Friday 18th December starting 6pm
    Uktinton Road, Burton Avenue, Heatherways, Heathfields, Forest Road, Woodlands Way, Millfield Lane, behind the Rising Sun, the High Street and The Avenue.
  • Tarporley 2 – Saturday 19th December starting 5pm
    The rest of the village.

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