Parish Councillors

Who they are, what they do and how to contact them.

Parish Councillors and Parish Clerk

Tarporley has 12 Parish Councillors, many of whom undertake special duties for the Parish Council as well as their regular role as a Parish Councillor. The Council is supported in its work by the Parish Clerk, the sole employee of the Council. The contact details for each of the Councillors are below.

Councillors registers of interest can be found by clicking on their names in the list below.

Tarporley Parish Councillors

Contact Details & Register of Interests

(Click on a Councillor’s name to see their Notification of Interests form.)


Councillor Telephone
 Mrs Elaine Chapman  01829 733 972
 Mrs Gill Clough (Vice Chairman)  01829 733 545
 Mrs Julie Hall  01829 734 078
 Mr Bill Mather  01829 733 628
 Mr John Millington  01829 730 921
 Mr Jeremy Mills  01829 730 898
 Mr Gordon Pearson (Chairman)  01829 733 813
 Ms Tina Royles  01244 760 113
 Mr Richard Statham  01829 732 940
 Mr Peter Tavernor  01829 732 165
 Mr Nigel Taylor  01829 732 538
 Mr Andrew Wallace  01829 732 467

Parish Council Rota

Parish Councillors and Officers take it in turns to perform certain tasks and duties each month, e.g. Planning Committee, Surgery, Tarporley Talk articles, etc. Click on the link below for the latest rota.

Tarporley Parish Council Monthly Rota

Committee / working group membership & special responsibilities

Most councillors have special duties as identified below. If you have a particular concern, please contact a member of the relevant working group.

Outdoor Sports and Recreation Working Group

The Outdoor Sports and Recreation Working Group (OS&R) is to oversee the development of Outdoor Sports and Recreation facilities based at the Brook Road field to be undertaken in coordination with the Tarporley Community Centre. They will also deal with matters relating to the children’s play area.


  • Andrew Wallace – Chairman – Parish Councillor
  • John Millington – Vice Chairman- Parish Councillor
  • Nigel Taylor – Parish Councillor
  • Angie Yates
  • Paul Adamson
  • John Clark
  • Richard Line

Terms of reference can be found here….   TPC-Sportsfields-ToR-amended Oct 2015

Cemetery Committee

The Cemetery Committee deals with cemetery rules, fees, operation & maintenance and budget contribution.


  • Elaine Chapman
  • John Millington
  • Peter Tavernor
Village Improvement Working Group

The Village Improvement Working Group deals with best-kept village, landscaping, flower displays, village maintenance, footpaths, planters and baskets.


  • Julie Hall
  • Richard Statham
  • Peter Tavernor
  • Bill Mather
  • Andrew Wallace
  • Nigel Taylor
Traffic and Parking Working Group

The Traffic and Parking Working Group deals with matters relating to traffic management, parking and parking restrictions & enforcement.


  • Elaine Chapman – Parish Councillor
  • Gill Clough – Parish Councillor
  • Jeremy Mills – Parish Councillor
  • Peter Tavernor – Parish Councillor
  • Bill Mather – Parish Councillor
  • Jeremy Mills – Parish Councillor
  • Richard Statham – Parish Councillor
  • Gordon Pearson – Parish Councillor
  • Charles Hardy
  • Gill Rutherford
Strategy Working Group

The Strategy Working Group will initially identify and prioritise areas where the Parish Council can support or deliver achievement of the vision, objectives and policies set out in the Tarporley Neighbourhood Plan.


  • John Millington
  • Gordon Pearson
  • Nigel Taylor
  • Peter Tavernor
Website & Local Council Award Scheme Working Group

The Website & Local Council Award Scheme Working Group will develop and maintain this website and work with the Parish Clerk and other Councillors on the Local Council Award Scheme.


  • Gordon Pearson
  • Peter Tavernor
  • Nigel Taylor
Christmas Lights Working Group

The Christmas Lights Working Group works in co-ordination with other groups in the village to organise the Christmas Lights and switching on ceremony.


  • Elaine Chapman – Parish Councillor
  • Gill Clough – Parish Councillor
  • Andrew Wallace – Parish Councillor
  • Jeremy Mills – Parish Councillor
  • Karen Urmston (Fundraising Co-ordinator, Tarporley War Memorial Hospital)
Parish Partnership Working Group

The Parish Partnership Working Group


  • Elaine Chapman – Parish Councillor
  • Gill Clough – Parish Councillor
Finance Working Group (Budget)

The Finance Working Group (Budget) deals with overall budget, admin costs, grants, one off initiatives, monthly accounts check and asset check.


  • Elaine Chapman
  • Peter Tavernor
  • Nigel Taylor
  • The Parish Clerk
Planning Working Group

Three councillors are assigned on a rota basis to review planning applications between regular Parish Council meetings.

Lead Councillor Roles
  • Community Centre Representative ~ Councillor Elaine Chapman
  • Footpath Officer ~ David Press
  • Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group ~ Councillors Gill Clough, John Millington, Gordon Pearson, Peter Tavernor, Nigel Taylor
Members on outside bodies
  • Arthur Meredith Memorial Trust ~ tbc
  • Primary School Liaison – Jeremy Mills
  • High School Liaison – Councillor Nigel Taylor
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Membership of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was made up of Parish Councillors and volunteer residents of Tarporley. It was set up at the Parish Council meeting on the 9th July 2012. As of May 2015, several of the volunteer members became Parish Councillors and vice-versa. The full Neighbourhood Plan team has included other Parish Councillors and volunteers from time to time. The Steering Group comprised 4 work group areas and is made up as follows. This group is no longer active as the Neighbourhood Plan has now been adopted but if you have any questions about the Neighbourhood Plan then these are the people to ask.


  • Gordon Pearson
  • Nigel Taylor
  • Peter Tavernor

Environment and Heritage

  • Gill Clough
  • Claire Egan
  • Catherine Helm


  • John Millington
  • Michael George

Improving Community Facilities and Connections

  • Richard Line
  • David Press
  • Keith Inch

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A message from Linda for anyone who's lost 2 horses...

Two horses loose on the A49, both bay/dark, rugged and I think 1 has a plait in its tail? We managed to steer them into a field as they were getting very spooked at the traffic. I couldn’t catch them but they are safe. If anyone has any idea who they belong too they are in the field next to the Murco garage.
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What shall we call the new car park and road?

As you will have noticed, part of the former Royal British Legion site in Tarporley is being re-developed. This will create a new road and a new car park (to replace the old car park that houses will be built on). Ownership of the new car park, the bowling green and remaining allotments will be transferred to the Parish Counci.

Tarporley Parish Council are inviting suggestions for a name for the new car park and the new road.

If you would like to suggest names then please email the Parish Clerk at

The deadline is 5th March 2018
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We're looking forward to half term next week! Any local suggestions?

Here's one to get the ball rolling... with a new children's menu for £1 🙂
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Here's an interesting local history query from Ruslan in the US...

Hi, my name is Ruslan and I am wrestling fan from Delaware Ohio of USA.
My inquiry is about the traditional wrestling contests which were essential part of the annually held Bunbury Wakes in the 1800's. I recently discovered that sport event on
BritishNewspaperArchives as well as I saw online the old 1808 wakes sports bill which mentioned wrestling.
My question is about the style of wrestling which was practiced by local men at Bunbury Wakes.
I would highly appreciate any info on that subject.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
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A message from United Utilities for those in the CW6 area:

You may have noticed that the water is coming out of your tap slower than usual or may have gone off altogether. We have one of our inspectors looking into this at the moment and as soon as we know what the cause of the problem is we’ll let you know.

We’re sorry about this and will try and get your taps flowing normally as quickly as we can. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know what’s causing the problem.
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