The Royal British Legion Site, Allotments and Bowling Green

Here you will find information relating to the sale of the Royal British Legion site, Bowling Green and Allotments.


The sale of the Royal British Legion (RBL) site, together with the Bowling Green and Allotments, to a property developer is of great concern to many in the village. This page will continue to be updated with factual information relating to the site, its sale and any development proposals as and when they emerge and progress. This may help understanding of the history of the site, the planning policies related to its potential development and keep you up to date with what is happening.

Applicable Planning Policies and Documents

The Tarporley Neighbourhood Plan, referendum version dated March 2016, includes several policies that will guide the consideration of any planning application for development of the ex RBL site. You can download the Neighbourhood Plan and search it for references to “Royal British Legion”.

Both the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Cheshire West and Chester (CW&C) Local Plan contain policies regarding the development of “Open Space” which includes allotments and bowling greens.


Points to note include the following.


The CW&C Local Plan contains Policy SOC 6 which states:

CWAC Local Plan SOC 6

The NPPF includes, on page 18:

NPPF page 18

Tarporley Neighbourhood Plan

The Tarporley Neighbourhood Plan contains many references to the ex RBL site, too many to replicate here, but amongst the most significant is the designation of the allotments and bowling green as Protected Local Green Spaces…

Policy TEH3

NP Map 6